Gestalt, gestalt g<e>S'talt. Etymology: G. = form, shape.

A "shape", "configuration", or "structure" which as an object of perception forms a specific whole or unity incapable of expression simply in terms of its parts (e.g. a melody, in distinction from the notes that make it up).

(Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)

Hello there. I am Darren Stephens . I live in North Yorkshire and work as an Academic Support Specialist at the University of Hull's Scarborough Campus

I chose this particular domain name as it seemed to me, as a concept, that it applied very well to something like web or software development, where skills in a number of areas were only useful if they could be combined to make something greater than the sum of their constituent parts.

This is my domain: a place where I can play around with ideas, note the things that I think and record them.

This site is deliberately fairly plain and minimal. I kind of like my web stuff to be like that as a rule. If I do work stuff in, I like it to try and fit with the overall feel of the site.

Right now, the mobile site is largely functional. The styling still needs some minor tweaks to improve presentation, but these will come presently.